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There are four options which will qualify applicants for Saint Lucia economic citizenship and a St. Lucian passport. A qualifying investment under the Citizenship by Investment Programme must satisfy at least a minimum investment in – the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund an approved real estate project an approved enterprise project the purchase of Government bonds  

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment program requires that an application for citizenship by investment be submitted either in electronic, typed or printed form by an Authorized Agent on behalf of the applicant. The Citizenship by Investment Unit may require additional documents to establish whether an applicant satisfies the mandatory qualification criteria, including information pertinent to financial resources and qualifying dependants. The applicant must be accompanied with– a sworn affidavit to declare financial resources of at least US$3,000,000.00 all relevant supporting documents in support of  the declared financial resources and source of funds. The applicant must submit with the application, and for any qualifying dependant who [...]