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St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Additional Fees

The following fees must considered when putting your budget together for applying for St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

Due diligence and background checks fees are paid directly to the Government of St Lucia:

  • Main Applicant – US$ 7,500
  • Each qualifying dependent over 16 years of age – US$ 5,000

NB: Also consult your agent for their processing fees.

Non-refundable Processing fees (also paid to the Government of St Lucia)

  • Applicant – US$ 2,000
  • Each qualifying dependent – US$ 1,000

Non-refundable Administration fees (applicable for an approved real estate or enterprise project investment)

  • Applicant – US$ 50,000
  • Each qualifying dependant (18 years of age and over) – US$ 35,000
  • Each  qualifying  dependant  (under  18 years of age) – US$ 25,000

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